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Our Process

At Aileron Wealth Management, we follow the CFP Board’s proven seven-step process for financial planning. This process allows us to create custom financial plans for every client that are optimized to help you meet your financial goals.

7 Steps to Designing Your Financial Plan

Our financial planning process is one that’s been designed and approved by the CFP Board to meet standards of conduct and help us fulfill our fiduciary commitment to always do what’s best for our clients. Through this process, we come to better understand your needs, so we can provide you with the services that best meet those needs and help get you to your financial goals even faster.

<br/><br/>Step 1:<br/> Understanding Your Circumstances

Step 1:
Understanding Your Circumstances

We can’t claim to do what’s best for you without first knowing your unique financial circumstances. That’s why the first step in our process is always getting to know you, your needs, your goals, and other important factors that influence how we serve you.

Step 2:
Identifying and Selecting Goals

In getting to know what you want out of life, we’ll help you break those dreams down into more concrete goals for both the short-term and the long-term. With clear personal and financial goals in front of us, we’re ready to assess the best way to get you there.

Step 3:
Analyzing Courses of Action

To find the best path to your goals, we assess many potential courses of action—including your current one. We’ll look at what you’re already doing, what might need to be adjusted, and other alternatives to help get you to your goals.

Step 4:
Developing Plan Recommendations

After assessing the options, we’ll develop one or more recommended financial plans that are unique to you and your goals. These plans are designed to maximize your chances of successfully achieving your goals.

Step 5:
Presenting the Plan

After designing your financial plan (and potential alternative plans), we’ll present the options to you, with our recommendations and what we believe will best meet your needs. This isn’t just a presentation, but a collaboration with you to decide as a team how to move forward.

Step 6:
Implementing the Plan

Once you’ve approved of a financial plan, it’s time to take action. We’ll open accounts, purchase insurance products, make investments, and carry out any other actions needs to start implementing your plan and get you on the path to your goals.

Step 7:
Monitoring and Updating

No financial plan should be left to fend for itself. The final step in our process is one that continues for years; we’ll monitor your plan’s progress and adjust actions as needed to ensure you stay on track to your goals, all while keeping you up to date on your plan’s overall performance.

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