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Expert Advice with a Personal Touch

Aileron Wealth Management is a financial planning and investment firm based in Longwood, Florida. Our firm was established in 2014 by David Doorneweerd and Mark Loop, two experienced financial professionals with decades of combined experience. Our history began when Mark and David met as coworkers at another financial firm. After a series of corporate mergers and buyouts, David and Mark decided to branch out on their own, and Aileron Wealth Management was born. We’ve continued to provide financial advice to clients throughout the tri-county area and around the country ever since.

With nearly 50 years of combined experience, our advisors are able to provide our clients with exceptional financial guidance, tailored to meet their personal needs.

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What Aileron Means to Us

“Aileron” is an aviation term and—with both of our founders having a connection to aeronautics—one that has great meaning for us as a firm. An aileron is part of a plane’s wing, and aids in steering and guiding the plane. At Aileron Wealth Management, we aim to provide you with similar guidance in your financial life, allowing you to live well now while still saving for a more secure financial future.

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